Customer experience
Marketing & sales

Assisting a real-estate developer in the design of its customer journey


  • The client was facing decreasing customer-experience indicators during the building time-lapse
  • The customer journey was split between several divisions, and each geographical area didn’t apply the same processes
  • Customer satisfaction was not of interest to most of the client’s employees
  • Arthur D. Little was asked to:
    • Audit the current customer journey and map the moment-of-truth and pain points
    • Design a target for the customer experience
    • Build a detailed action plan bridging the gap between the current situation and the target CEX


Arthur D. Little’s approach was structured as follows: 

  • Conduct two focus groups with the two segments of customers in two different locations
  • Interview more than 30 employees from all positions
  • Identify customers’ expectations, define corresponding CEX objectives
  • Co-construct a 3-year action plan split into 8 workflows, with quick wins and flexibility to account for regional specificities
  • Animate a workshop with all regional directors to change the mentalities and focus of the managers


  • The top management was convinced and recognized the opportunity for differentiation based on CEX
  • The client opened new positions to implement Arthur D. little’s recommendations, both in the headquarters and at a regional level